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Juicefast Detox

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Meal Plans

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Healthy Meals

Fast food, but not junk food.

Something new, something delicious!

Last year, we added our healthy meals to the Juicefast catalog of healthy products. We listened, observed, and collected all your comments, feedback, and wishes. Every feedback, every suggestion became valuable ingredients that we carefully added to our recipes. The time has come to fulfill your wishes and provide you with the meals you’ve been longing for!

In the last few months, we’ve been working on new recipes, and we’re ready to introduce novelties. With your help, we’ve created meals and juices that will delight every palate and encourage better eating habits! Juicefast meals have changed their recipes and are a true refreshment. We can boast that we’ve elevated the quality of our meals to the level of a top-notch restaurant.

And what are these new delicious dishes you’ve been asking for?

In the VEGE category, we have new meals with grilled cheese and a sweet dish – VEGE CRUMBLE with apricot jam and vanilla. You expressed a desire for something sweet, and we couldn’t wait either!

PLANT BASED meals are an excellent option for all VEGANS and those who are just becoming one or simply want to include more plant-based foods in their diet.

VEGETABLE CHILI with basmati rice, aromatic PUMPKIN RISOTTO with rosemary, CURRY with potatoes and thyme, or PASTA with vegetables and sesame oil are new recipes in our plant-based kitchen.

FITNESS meals are more creative and tastier than ever. We crafted the recipes according to your preferences, and most voted for chicken.

From now on, you can enjoy CRANBERRY CHICKEN with basmati rice, GRILLED CHICKEN with bulgur, CHICKEN with wild rice, CHICKEN PAPRIKASH, and BEEF GULASH with dumplings.

In the PROTEIN PLUS category, we offer SZECHUAN CHICKEN with spaghetti, MEXICAN CHICKEN with basmati rice and lentils, TANDOORI CHICKEN, CHICKEN MEATBALLS with mashed potatoes, and something completely different and homely – CONFIT RIBS with roasted potatoes and cabbage!

In addition to changing the recipe of the dishes, we have also changed the meal packages. Along with the standard OFFICE PACKAGE with new meals, we have designed new WEIGHT LOSS packages for HER and HIM, fitness maintenance packages, and muscle maintenance meal packages. All in calorie-adjusted values for HER and HIM. Besides nutritional changes, our healthy Juicefast meals are dressed in a new look – because changing the entire wardrobe is a normal thing after a Juicefast transformation.

What’s new with the juices?

We know you love our juices, and their flavors can never bore you.

We have made minimal changes to the composition, but we have modernized the technology and production processes, making them even tastier and more nutritionally powerful. We remain faithful to the HPP technology that keeps our juices fresh. High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is a natural method in which fruits and vegetables are processed under very high pressure – without heat. Using this method allows the juice to retain the quality and nutrients unlike thermal pasteurization, which is designed to “kill” bacteria and extend the shelf life of the product. This way, the enzymes of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and minerals change—meaning the pasteurized juice is less fresh and less nutritious.

Our juices have also changed their packaging, making all our bottles environmentally responsible. They are made of 75% recycled plastic without BPA and 25% fully degradable bio plastic. Great, isn’t it?

We invite you to try our new healthy meals and let us know your impressions. We always look forward to your constructive criticisms, wishes, and praises! Your feedback helps us better adapt to you so that our products fully meet your desires and needs. With new meals, we are preparing more surprises that will amaze you soon! Follow our social networks to stay in the loop.

Stay fresh!

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