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Grab a dose of vitamins – anytime, anywhere!

It’s never been easier to stay healthy on the go. The Healing Shooter package is your pocket source of vitamins and nutrients. Just open, drink and go about your day.

Why Juicefast Shooters?

The biggest results come in small bottles! Shooters were created to stimulate your immunity, speed up recovery, increase energy and detoxify the body. The perfect daily dose of health, all in a practical bottle that fits in your pocket.

Adaptogens are ancient natural remedies, plants and mushrooms from all over the world, rich in nutrients and passed the test of time. Natural adaptogens will be the right solution regardless of the time of year. A new response to stress and fatigue.

Benefits of Juicefast Shooters?

Shooters are produced using a hydraulic press. This process helps retain the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes present in the ingredients, resulting in a highly concentrated, nutrient-rich shooter.


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