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Muscles – for him

What's inside How to use

If you want to increase your muscle mass and strength, the “Gaining mass” package for men is your ideal choice. This package offers you high-calorie meals and juices that are carefully designed to help you increase muscle mass and strength in a healthy and sustainable way.

For whom?

This package is made for you if you want to increase your muscle mass and strength, but also preserve your vitality and health.


High-calorie meals and juices will help you increase your muscle mass and strength.

Fast and simple meal preparation saves your valuable time.

You will feel energetic and focused during the day, ready for all the challenges that await you.


Take the first step towards greater strength and muscle mass today.

Earn up to 306 points.
1. Choose
Your freshly prepared meals arrive in an insulated box. You just take them out and put them in the fridge.
2. Subheat
Don't have time? No problem. Just heat it up when you're hungry. Done in 2 minutes.
3. Eat
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We adapt to your dietary preferences.
4. Repeat
Every month, pre-made meals are delivered to your door, across the country.

Why Healthy Meals

100% rezultata je 80% prehrana, a 20% trening.

Obroci su napravljeni od svježih sastojaka uz pomoć nutricionista i vrhunskih kuhara.S Juicefast gotovim zdravim obrocima, ne moraš kompenzirati vrijeme za zdravlje.

  • Tastier than delivery
  • Full of protein
  • Ready in 2 minutes
  • No nonsense (conventions, additives, flavor enhancers)
  • Simple calorie and macronutrient tracking

Made by nutritionists

U Juicefastu, neumorno radimo na stvaranju najzdravije hrane uz pomoć znanja stručnjaka.

Naši nutricionisti igraju ključnu ulogu u oblikovanju naših receptura i programa kako bismo garantirali da svaki sok i obrok pružaju idealnu ravnotežu hranjivih tvari dok u isto vrijeme omogućuju postizanje vaših ciljeva za zdravlje i dobrobit.

Na taj način Juicefast proizvodi nisu samo osvježavajući i ukusni, već i potpuno prilagođeni vašim prehrambenim potrebama.

What you get in the package

Juicefast meals

Meals are made from fresh ingredients with the help of nutritionists and top chefs.

No cooking

With Juicefast ready-made healthy meals, you don't have to compensate time for health.

Advice from a nutritionist and trainer

Professional advice on how to combine our detox program with your daily routine and training.

Video trainings

Access to exclusive video trainings designed to complement your detox program.

Diet guide

Tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy diet after completing the detox program.

T-shirt and bag as a gift in the subscription

As an added bonus, each subscriber receives a stylish t-shirt and a bag. Now you can carry your meals in style, without having to cook!




Nutritional Information & How to Use