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  • juneći but, mrkva, tikvice, kupus, luk, crvena paprika, češnjak, slatko kiseli sos

    9.00  (68.00 kn)

    This dish is ideal for wok lovers who like the taste of meat and strong spices. With a note of sweet and sour sauce, this dish will satisfy even those who are not fans of the taste of vegetables. Benefits The dish is rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C and…

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  • piletina, cvjetača, brokula, peršin, sol, maslinovo ulje

    9.00  (68.00 kn)

    Chicken is a highly valuable food extremely rich in proteins. The accompaniment to this dish is a lighter and better quality version of the classic rice – cauliflower and broccoli rice, which has a mild and neutral taste, and due to its high nutritional value and quality, gives this dish…

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  • piletina, pesto, brokula, cvjetača, češnjak, maslinovo ulje

    8.50  (64.00 kn)

    The well-known, classic taste of chicken was given an additional twist by the addition of pesto sauce, which additionally enriched this dish with high-quality unsaturated fats, but also gave it an interesting, refreshing note that raises even a basic dish such as meat with vegetables to a new level! Benefits…

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