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How to Juicefast?

Every body is different, but emergency alarms it gives us are very consistent and similar. Your body will be fatiqued and exhausted when it seeks the Juicefast.

5 Reasons to Juicefast

1 day
Best for people trying it out, in this case you are only buying juice.
3 days
To cleanse the body of toxins and purify the bloodstream.
5 days
Can strenghten your immune system .
7 days
Can prevent health problems and help fighting possible degenerative diseases.
10+ days
We recommend you to councel your doctor or pediatrician.

Avoid solid food intake

We recommend that you avoid solid food intake during the Juicefast, the juices will provide you with enough nutrients and energy throughout the day.

What if my body craves food?

If you start craving solid food, eat a handful of almonds, an apple or a carrot. This way, you will bloat your stomach without harming the cleansing process.

Program Schedule

Drink juices 2-3 hours apart. You should also drink 0.5 l of plain water between the consumption of each juice.

100% Juice

Juicefast juices are obtained by cold-pressing raw fruits and vegetables, and there is no water in them.

We need water in order to be able to expel toxins from the body, and in this way bring it into the cleansing process.

What to eat after Juicefast?

Your further steps will depend based on your primary goals for cleansing.

Just Cleanse

If you were just about to do a cleanse, you can quickly return to your regular habits and healthy diet.

Try not to consume carbs and dairy products on the first day after. We don’t want to overload the digestive tract in a short span of time nor get any potential bloating.

Losing Weight

If your ultimate goal is weight loss or body transformation, then it would be good to continue consuming 2 juices replacing 2 daily meals (1st and 4th). Or spend 1 day weekly on Juicefast as a light cleanse.

In any case, it is important to base your diet on healthy foods, minimizing carbs and glucose intake.

Are you in need of some energy?

Unfortunately, toxins became the side effect of modern life. Every day, we get exposed to them through food, air, water, skin care products and medicine. When our diet lacks nutrients, our bodily cleansing efforts are damaged and weakened.

Boost your immunity!

Juicefast is a perfect way to begin working on your healthy habits

Vitamin bomb!

Juicefast helps maintain your immune system and cells in top condition.

Vouched by everyone

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