Besplatna dostava za sve narudžbe iznad 50 €
Dostava u roku 2-3 radna dana za cijelu RH i Sloveniju

Gluten-free meals

We’re on a mission to prove that gluten-free can still mean finger-licking good. Our low-gluten meals are crafted with premium ingredients and culinary wizardry to bring you mouth-watering flavors and serious nutrition. So, whether you’re gluten intolerant or just looking for a fresh and flavorful way to fuel your day, we’ve got you covered with our creative and convenient meal options. Get ready to break up with boring gluten-free meals and say hello to a taste bud love affair with Juicefast.

  • 65.00  (490.00 kn)

  • 23.00  (173.00 kn) 110.00  (829.00 kn)

  • 23.00  (173.00 kn) 110.00  (829.00 kn)

  • chicken thigh, red pepper, carrot, pea, millet, onion, butter, olive oil, garlic
    9.00  (68.00 kn)

  • beef, champignons, zucchini, tomato, buckwheat, onion, olive oil
    9.00  (68.00 kn)

  • chicken, black beans, corn, quinoa, jalapeno, garlic, chilli, kummin, parsley salt, oil
    8.50  (64.00 kn)

  • turkey, green pepper, zucchini, carrots, passata, onions, oil
    9.50  (72.00 kn)