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We create products rich in nutrients and nutritional value using the freshest, highest quality plant-based ingredients. We promise health without preservatives, additives, added industrial sugar and GMO ingredients.

Solid Food

What is Juicefast?

We are the
highway to health.

Juicefast came to be as the shared vision of a group of health-passionate individuals who wanted to give people shortcuts to health! So we built a highway. Instead of taking time to find right nutrients for yourself, we are bringing nutrients to you.

Bringing together concepts of a classic juice detox cleanse, easy-to-eat fruit on the go, and nutritious ready-to-eat meals, Juicefast aims to provide people with simple solutions that can lead anyone to a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Sourcing matters, because you do.

Get vitamins you know they come from. We partner with local farms and communities to support the community we are from. Exotic fruits are naturally imported

Juicefast Production

Production process

Running on clean solar energy

Innovating ways of eating, makes us do a lot of research and developing tech that scales. Since 2019 our production process has changed drastically. From pressing juices in our founders home, to fully functional Cold Press Machines running on Solar Energy makes us the greenest producer in the area.

Vouched by everyone

I only felt hungry in the late morning because I'm used to having a good breakfast. The rest of the day I was fine. Headache on the 1st day only, which is normal because of caffeine withdrawals. My skin looks amazing after the Juicefast! I felt lighter and generally in a good mood. Any bloating went away!

Sooo, your juices are awesome, I'm amazed, I don't feel hungry and they also taste good to me... I took a three-day program and lost three kilos which I wouldn't have lost no matter how careful I'd been eating... I'll be your client forever and I believe into your products ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello, here I am sharing my impressions after a three-day Juicefast program... The juices are excellent, all of them are very tasty!! The feeling of lightness in the body cannot be described. I have definitely decided that I will introduce this experience as a routine every few months...

I have to admit that I haven't been this lively and full of energy for a long time and I also lost 2.8 kg. Additionally, the feeling of bloating is gone which is the most important thing.

Juicefast juices are a real delight for the palate! Bought multiple times. Well done for the quality of the food.

Juicefast program is really great, after I tried it I had more energy and felt better. Each juice has a special taste and I can't decide which one is better for me.

I do a Juicefast approximately twice a month and I have nothing but praises for the program - fast, simple and most importantly, the results are immediately visible: a few kilos less and a lighter feeling in the body.

Completed a three-day Juicefast. Great feeling, I'm even less bloated compared to the last time. I am very satisfied. Thank you ❤

I have praised you to all of my friends! Now I only buy your products as gifts for birthdays! I am really happy that we have something like this in Croatia. I'm looking forward buying new programs ❤

Let me tell you, yesterday I finished Juicefast, 3 kg down in 3 days, which is great for me because normally I lose kilograms really hard and slow. I feel good and healthy now. All products were excellent and very tasty. I am extremely satisfied not only because of the weight I lost, but also because my feeling of bloating disappeared. Additionaly, I solved my problems with fungal infections, which disappeared completely in these three days.

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