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Feel the Juicefast

Give your body everything it needs to work better and stay alive longer.


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We create products rich in nutrients and nutritional value using the freshest, highest quality plant-based ingredients. We promise health without preservatives, additives, added industrial sugar and GMO ingredients.

What is Juicefast?

We are the highway to health.

Juicefast came to be as the shared vision of a group of health-passionate individuals who wanted to give people shortcuts to health! So we built a highway. Instead of taking time to find right nutrients for yourself, we are bringing nutrients to you.

Bringing together concepts of a classic juice detox cleanse, easy-to-eat fruit on the go, and nutritious ready-to-eat meals, Juicefast aims to provide people with simple solutions that can lead anyone to a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Sourcing matters, because you do.

Get vitamins you know they come from. We partner with local farms and communities to support the community we are from. Exotic fruits are naturally imported

Production process

Running on clean solar energy

Innovating ways of eating, makes us do a lot of research and developing tech that scales. Since 2019 our production process has changed drastically. From pressing juices in our founders home, to fully functional Cold Press Machines running on Solar Energy makes us the greenest producer in the area.

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