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Become the best version of your self

With Juicefast detox programs and ready-made healthy meals, you get a shortcut to losing weight and building muscle.









Juicefast Detox

Reset button for your body. Clients report a loss of 0.5-1 kg per day. Send your digestive system on vacation.

Meal Plans

Full-day nutrition for all your goals. Cold-pressed juices and healthy meals that fully cover all your nutritional needs. Real food and nothing else.

Energy in motion

A real explosion of energy and vitality in one – small but powerful package. Small bottles – big results.

Healthy Meals

Fast food, but not junk food. Delicious healthy meals designed by nutritionists and award-winning chefs. Ready in 2 minutes without breaking the budget.

Juicefast Detox

Reset button for your body.

Meal Plans

Complete nutrition for all your goals.

Energy in motion

Small bottles - big results.

Healthy Meals

Fast food, but not junk food.


Lose weight without losing your mind

Have you tried 101 diets, and nothing seems to work?
The reason lies in your digestive system.

There’s a reason we call the intestines the ‘second brain.’
Our detox programs help with cleansing the digestive system, and you can easily expect:

Less cooking, more life

100% results are 80% nutrition, and 20% training.

Meals are made from fresh ingredients with the help of nutritionists and top chefs. With Juicefast ready-made healthy meals, you don’t have to compensate time for health.

Your transformation is our mission

In today’s busy world, Juicefast provides a solution to dietary challenges.

Approved by nutritionists and professional athletes

 Andrea Bilandžija
Andrea Bilandžija
mag. nutr.
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I appreciate Juicefast for aiding my clients in their wellness journey. Its detox programs are great for kickstarting weight loss. Post-detox, I recommend a balanced diet, blending Juicefast juices with nutritious meals to sustain their fitness goals.
 Ivan Furdin
Ivan Furdin
mag. cin.
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I love juicefast products because they make everyday life easier for my clients. Detox products enable a good "headstart", i.e. they give a boost to everyone whose initial goal is to cleanse their body and begin to effectively lose accumulated kilograms. In addition, for those who do not have time to cook and prepare nutritionally rich food, juicefast meals will provide you with a quality, nice and healthy meal in 2 minutes.
 Maja Čović
Maja Čović
Yoga Instructor
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As a yoga teacher, I strive for balance in my daily life and diet. Juicefast juices and ready meals help me achieve a better nutritional balance and leave more time for my yoga practice. Warm recommendation and namaste!

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