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Majestic Juicefast

With our new line, we present the flavors of the Tropics and the Mediterranean. Cleanse your body and feel the summer..

Concious nutrition made simple

Packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats Juicefast Meals will keep you feeling satisfied and energized all day long.

Juicefast programs for Detox

Healthy meals

Fuel your body with nourishing, healthy meals. Eat clean and feel your best!


Energize your body with shooters. Boost energy and refresh yourself in seconds.

Celery programs

Experience the benefits of celery juice. Try our program for radiant skin and improved digestion.


Supercharge your wellness with superfood. Nourish your body with all-natural, whole food nutrients

Do you need some energy?

Unfortunately, toxins became the side effect of modern life. Every day, we get exposed to them through food, air, water, skin care products and medicine. When our diet lacks nutrients, our bodily cleansing efforts are damaged and weakened.

5 Reasons for Cleansing

Removes Toxins
If you have excess toxins in your body, your body needs an extra boost in the form of fasting. Our detox programs will effectively flush toxins from your body. If during detox you take certain herbal preparations for cleansing the body, their effectiveness will be maximum. This is because the consumption of food interferes with the action of these preparations.
Slows down infections
Pathogenic microorganisms that enter your body feed on industrial sugar and other ingredients from the food we consume. With detox, you will deny food to the pathogens in your body, regardless of whether they are viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.
Helps lose weight
Detox helps you lose weight and stimulates the burning of fat cells in the body better than any diet. During fasting, instead of industrial sugar, the body uses exactly these fats for energy production. Fasting allows your intestines to rest from digesting food, contributes to their health and accelerates metabolism.
Cleans skin and hair
With the help of fasting, you can clean your skin from acne and other unpleasant phenomena. Since toxins are excreted and eliminated through sweating - through the skin, the condition with acne may worsen at first, but after that the skin will be completely cleansed. Therefore, if you first notice a deterioration, there is no reason to worry - it is actually a good sign that the body has started the cleansing process.
Boosts Energy and Focus
Detox improves the functioning of your brain and stimulates the production of brain neurotrophic protein (BDNF), which contributes to the creation of new neurons and protects your brain from changes related to Alzheimer's disease. Since during detox, your body does not need as much energy for the work of the digestive system, you will feel an excess of energy, which you can spend on activities.

3.000.000 bottles sold

Juicefast juices are obtained by cold-pressing raw fruits and vegetables, and there is no water in them.

We need water in order to be able to expel toxins from the body, and in this way bring it into the cleansing process.

High-Pressure processed

Keeps nutrients up to 45 days.

Processed under 6000 bars, our juices keep their nutrients up to 45 days, chilled at 2-4ºC

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