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Mean Green Juice Recipe

If you have watched the juice fasting documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead, then you will have no doubt heard of Mean Green. For those that haven’t, Mean Green is the staple juice that Joe Cross and Phil Staples both drank during their 60 day juice fasts.

Mean Green is a great juice recipe because it contains almost every vitamin available from fruits & vegetables. Not forgetting to mention that it’s very delicious and very easy to drink.

For those that are new to drinking juices, or those that find the juice a little bitter, then I recommend that you swap out some of the ‘kale’ for some spinach ( baby leaf if possible), as the taste is much milder. You can also swap out some celery for an additional apple to give it extra sweetness until you get more used to the taste. But in general, most people enjoy the mean green juice recipe as it comes.

Mean Green Recipe


The following ingredients will make either 500ml (17 fl oz) or 1 litre (34 fl oz) of mean green juice:

To Make 500 ml
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 4 Celery Stalks
  • 6-8 Kale Leaves
  • 1 Piece of Ginger ( 1/2″-1″)
  • 1/2 Lemon
To Make 1 Litre
  • 3-4 Apples
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 6-8 Celery Stalks
  • 14-16 Kale Leaves
  • 1 Piece of Ginger (Approx 1/2″-1″)
  • 1/2 Lemon

You may add a little more lemon & ginger to the 1 litre recipe if desired.


  • Wash all produce
  • Juice your soft fruits & vegetables first
  • Drink & enjoy!


Here are some recommended adjustments to the Mean Green juice recipe, for when you want to either change it up or use up other ingredients you may have available.

Swap: Some Cucumber for Courgette ( Zucchini )


Swap: Apples for Pears

Add: Parsley or Mint or Asparagus or Broccoli


Do you have a better recipe? If you have a great juice recipe that hasn’t been previously published online, send it in for us to try!



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22 Responses to Mean Green Juice Recipe

  1. terri kim says:

    Can you drink just this juice for the entire 60 days?

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Terri, thanks for posting – I would say yes – if you can stand to drink it each day for that long then go for it as it has all the vitamins you need.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Sheabuttr says:

    Hi this is great information. I just had a baby and my milk would not come down so I could not breast feed. My child is 1 year old now and I am stuck with over 60lbs of excess weight. So I would like to know how many ounces of juice and water should be consumed daily on this juice fast, please?

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Sheabuttr, thank you for posting! Aim for 2.5 litres (85 fl oz) of juice per day and at least the same in water. If you feel you need more of either – drink!

  3. MTHLifestyle says:

    How much baby kale can I use in the mean green juice

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi, thanks for your question. I would really experiment and put in as much as you can stand to drink! Build up slowly though as too many leafy greens when you first start jucing can lend to diarrhea. I would start with 4 – 6 leaves and go from there :)

      Good luck!

  4. missypoodles says:

    Hi I wud like to add some spirulina and salt to my juices. How much shud I add? Also cud u suggest any natural sources of fibre which I cud add and if so how much? I am using chopped kurly kale for the mean green. It comes in a 260g bag. Am wondering how much to add that wud b the equivalent of 6/8 kale leaves? Thank you!

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Celia

    Whats your latest update as I don’t see any new stats since April or after day 30?

  6. Alyschook says:

    How long will juice last in the fridge. I’m new to juicing and just bought my first machine.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Hi! Nice articles :)

    Just a few quick questions.
    I’m 5’2 in height and weigh about 124 lbs. Yes. I’m a small person.

    I am not so sure how much to drink. I don’t think I should drink as much as a bigger and taller girl would drink. There are other things to consider about as well. For instance, I’m about to do some intense workouts everyday for 1 hour.

    1. Should I just ignore the quantity and calories of juice and smoothies each day and just drink till I get full?

    2. I will drink green juice and fruit smoothies together. Do you think it will be less effective on weight loss? I expect to lose 20 lbs in 56days.

    Considering of my height and weight, how much weight do you think I’ll lose in 56days?

    I know I’ll have to experiment on myself and I will, but I’d like to hear your opinion. Thank you for your time and work! :)

  8. Vanessa says:


    So, can I make 1 Litre of green juice in the morning and keep them in the freeze for the whole day?

    Do you think it’s impossible for people who may have to spend the whole day outside to be on green juice fest? :/

  9. Rachel says:

    I read your updates post – can you add whey protein powders to the mix? Also can you drink the mean green juice along with carrot/cabbage/pineapple/grape juices and still see the same results??? thanks

  10. ivano says:

    hey i want to start the fast but how does it work, do i get to drink mean juice as much as i want and whenever i want or i drink 500ml substituting every meal?

  11. David Samford says:

    Could you have a fruit juice in between?

  12. Zoe says:

    Hi do you have the juice 3 time a day and can you eat fruit in between the juice and how much juice do you have in 1 go thanks Zoe

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Zoe, you can have the juices as often or as little as you like. This is the beauty with juicing there are very few rules. Of course if you are juice fasting then you should not eat in between juices.

  13. Annette says:


    Hi I am looking to start the 60 day juice diet but hate celery what else could I use.

    • Shane Whaley says:

      Maybe cucumber. Also good for hydration and mainly water based. Guys, if there is anything you really cant stomach then just leave it out. Don’t ruin your future juicing success by hating some of the tastes and give up.

  14. Edward Burns says:

    I am considering starting this diet and would like to know if there are more recipes

  15. bernadette says:

    I’ve started this and its been really good, I am still breast feeding both my kids 2 years old and 3 months old and find that my milk has increased and my son’s eczema is clearing up. Highly recommend this to everyone.

  16. myriah says:

    My favorite juice is green apple, spinach, kale, carrot, lemon. a SMALL amount of beet and cucumber. This is also a favorite for my children.
    Other things to try:
    Kale, sweet potato, apple and ginger
    Spinach, apple, carrot, sweet potato, and beets.
    One caution, if using beets, start with a SMALL amount if you are not used to the taste. Gradually up the amount as your taste adjusts. Using beets in your juices is VERY beneficial!
    JUICE ON!!!

  17. jo says:

    My juice I cannot get enough of….6 kale leaves, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 carrot, 1 apple, 1 celery stalk, 1 beet, 1/2 cucumber, and 1/2 head of broccoli. It smells like fresh cut grass and tastes like heaven!

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