Lou’s 60 day Juice Fast

60 Day Fast Lou Bell at 470 pounds before his juicing weight loss

Published on October 15th, 2013 | by Shane Whaley


Lou Bell and I met at Camp Reboot this summer. This juicing jamboree was the first of it’s kind event run by Joe Cross and the Reboot team. (Plenty of video and blogs here about that week at Camp Reboot)

Lou once weighed 470 pounds (34 stone – 213 kilos) and he has agreed to tell you about his juicing story and experiences as a regular writer on JuiceFast.com

Lou Bell loses 70 pounds on a 60 day juice fast

Hi there my name is Lou and I am from Indianapolis IN.

Let me start by saying I am not a professional writer or a juice expert I am a regular guy who work’s night shift at a local Wal-Mart.   But this summer I had a amazing gift laid upon me after being nominated to win a scholarship to Joe Cross’ s camp reboot this past summer. And through the grace of God I had won the trip. And this trip lead me to meeting Shane and started me down this path of changing my life for the better.

This past April I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and after seeing this I knew I was actually pretty close to death myself.  I was living my life addicted to food and I was eating all I could shove in and I did not care if it was healthy or not. Normally the worst it could be for you then the more of it I would eat. I never looked this as a addiction cause we all need food to live. It’s not like my mothers addiction to tobacco or my father’s to booze food could not kill me. I was at my largest of 470 pounds but was active and did a whole lot. But was also missing out on way way more then I was enjoying. So three years ago I did actually try to start working on myself and trying to diet and lose weight.

Lou Bell at 470 pounds before his juicing weight loss

I would start and fail multiple times so finally I had pretty much given up and caved into my food addiction.  And so my life went on, and I kept putting on my clown mask and acting happy.  But I was so far from happy I was lonely and miserable and really had nothing to live for except food. Then earlier this year my dear friend who has taken me as her brother asked me to walk in a relay marathon in April. She wanted to me walk the last four miles. And I said sure let’s give it a try. Well I did not prepare well but I still walked in it and finished. I was so happy and then I realized a small bit that I could change my life. Then a few day’s later I received a email saying I had been nominated by my sister to win a chance to win a trip to the Camp Reboot. So this forced me to watch Fat, Sick and nearly dead. I cried and cried seeing how the people in this show was me. And I  started to see that my life was worth trying to save and I had a lot to live for

I had cancer twice and lost the ability to have children of natural causes and with that and my size woman did not want to be with me. So I felt like I had no much to live for. Even though there was close friends who were having children and I was considered there uncle or godfather I was ignoring the positive thing’s and worried about the negatives in my life.

Now back to April I started to see a bright future.  Then almost two months later and after hundreds of people voting for me daily for my chance to attend this awesome camp. And very much to my surprise I won the trip. I was so blown away and thought it was a dream seeing I had won this trip. But it was going to happen. Then as I was preparing for this trip I broke my shoulder on my way to work and thought my trip was done. Well I was determined and was still able to go. After much research and prayer one week before I headed to New York state I started my first juice fast. To sit here and say the first few day’s were easy I would be lying to you. It was so hard I wanted to say screw this I want a steak.  And to be honest I did not think that I had a chance to make it 60 days on this juice fast. But I knew if I failed this time I would just keep failing in my life.

Lou with his Health Coach at Camp Reboot - Kristen DeAngelis

Lou with his Health Coach at Camp Reboot – Kristen DeAngelis

So I had to stay strong and make this happen. So I started walking each day for about a hour and drank my juices and water. And in my spare time I lived in the bathroom.  But two day’s became three then four and five. I was doing this I was feeling and looking better and this was just the first week. So I was proud and so much happier. But I also knew that this would be a very long road and that first week was just the start of the rest of my life.

On Saturday before I left for camp I weighed myself and I was so shocked to see I had lost 20 pounds. I was so excited.  Well that was amazing and I started to actually believe that I can change my life and that I was going to do this and take my life back. But the devil inside still gave me some doubts. And on Sunday July 28th I headed to New York with my sister to start a exciting week with Joe Cross and his staff at Camp Reboot.  I made friends there who helped me save my life and help keep me going daily.  But my story has helped keep others going. But that is enough for this week. Please come back next week and I will share more on my awesome week at camp and how it really changed my heart and mind forever for the good and helped me want to build a new life full of helping and inspire people to regain there life. God bless and juice on!

Lou Bell loses 70 pounds on a 60 day juice fast

Lou Bell loses 70 pounds on a 60 day juice fast

In total I have lost 70 pounds since juicing and now I am in transition phase which I am finding more challenging than juicing. More on that in later blog posts.

Got any questions for Lou about life on a 60 day juice fast? What was his favourite juice? How did he cope with hunger? Feel free to ask in the comments box.

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5 Responses to Lou’s 60 day Juice Fast

  1. Anna Nelson says:

    Hi Lou, I don’t expect you to remember me but I was at that reboot camp too! Congratulations on your weight loss. That’s awesome! You’re the guy that gives great hugs. I’m also in transition and lost 25 lbs. Keep juicing on Lou and stay encouraged! You look great. I hope the shoulder is all better now. I look forward to following your progress. God bless you!

  2. Kate says:

    We’ll done, you look lovely :-) transition wise aim for a whole foods and plant based diet, look at engine 2 diet, happy herbivore, watch forks over knives….keep juicing etc. x

  3. Martin says:

    Good for you! Best wishes, what you are doing is not easy but I hope that you succeed ! I completed a 30 day juice fast and found that a spoon of raw honey was great when I got a sweet craving!

  4. mary says:

    what you are doing is awesome …look at the smile it has put on your face! I am hoping to start the juicer diet soon just sent for my juicer and it will be delivered in 4 days. any recommendations for someone who hates carrots or kale

  5. char says:

    You are quite a “Handsome” man after slimming down in the face! I see you are Strong and have the Faith to get through this. God blesses those who hang on and overcome! You motivate me as I’m just starting my 60 day juice fast! Way to go!

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