Lou the juicer walks his first half marathon

Lou Bell Lou at Camp

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Hello to all my friends and family in the juicing world I hope you have all been good.

So one of the things I have been doing lot’s of since I started changing my life around is walking.  In fact since July I have walked close to three hundred miles. And in this change I was asked by my sister to walk a half marathon.  At first I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had walked 12 miles before but it took me all day and I really wondered if I could make it happen. So in September and October I started walking more and longer but even then my longest walk in this training was 7 miles. But I worked on my pace and pushed hard. And lo and behold I made it happen.  Yes this fat boy walked 13.1 miles in about 6 hours.

Lou walks his first half marathon

My sister ran a full marathon both first for us. So people out there stop making excuses for why you feel you can’t change your life. I went from a couch potato and now someone who wants to start training to run and train to run a 3k next year.

My sister Leah who ran her first full marathon runs with Shane from Juicing Radio/RunningOnJuice at camp reboot

My sister Leah who ran her first full marathon runs with Shane from Juicing Radio/RunningOnJuice at camp reboot

Anyway back to my juicing story and camp. The two hundred of us that were there heard awesome talks and in our wellness groups made great friends and shared a lot of personal stories and we all tore down a lot of walls and healing started. We drank lots of yummy juices and some not so yummy.  But we endured and pushed on. Some of us walked daily with  Dr. Adrian Rawlinson while others went running with Shane Whaley.  Through the rest of our time at camp we heard awesome talks from the doctors on team Carrie Diulus, Russell Kennedy, Adrian Rowlinson too.

Dr Rawlinson, Abby and Stacy Kennedy - fitness, nutrition and medical experts

Dr Rawlinson, Abby and Stacy Kennedy – fitness, nutrition and medical experts

The doctors talked about the physical and mental effects of weight loss. We were also shown great ways of getting simple and easy work outs in. The team did such a awesome job covering the physical aspects of losing weight but also did a lot to cover the mental side of losing this weight and making these huge changes to our body. Day by day we got to become great friends with the people in our groups and discovered what a life changing event coming to camp reboot was. And I was so humbled by folks wanting to get to know me and being inspired by my story.

Lou at Camp

We got to see a sneak peek of the new Joe Cross movie. It was awesome can’t wait for it to come out. On Thursday we got to meet and here from Alex Jamieson who helped with the after effects of the movie Supersize me. Then later on our team’s took on each othet in what had to be a first a camp reboot juice off and Team Kale rocked it and won. We had some much fun and folks were given a chance to win a juicer from Breville. Thanks to Miss Adele from brevile. And of course we drank awesome juices all week and as the week went along everyone started feeling better and could see the great things nature’s juice was doing to heal folks. But we were getting sad cause we all knew tge week was close to a end. Then we would go our separate ways and try to so this kn our own. But wait we were never alone cause there was built a strong connection to help us stay strong.

We had the tools and access to the staff to help us continue on down the road of change. Friday morning we heard our last talk about transition from juice to whole foods. Then we started to say our goodbyes it was hard. Camp ended now was time to enter back into the real world. In the next blog I will cover more about my trip home and the struggles entering back into society. But in closing I want to give a huge shout out to Jamin Mendelsohn, Kurt Engfehr the producer and director of FSND! Also a huge shout out to Jamie Schneider, Brenna and the awesome folks from Reboot with Joe who worked so hard to put on this camp. I knew I would almost forget someone but huge thanks to Abby Lauren who stretched with us and kept us lose and relaxed all the time. Then all the amazing wellness coach’s you all were amazing.

So hope this is helping you all want to start juicing and starting to want to change your life. If this fat boy can do it I know you all can. Look I walked a half marathon and getting ready to start running and training to run a 5k then more and more. Stay tuned for me guys. Have a blessed week and juice on.


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