Lou Meets Joe Cross and Juices On!

60 Day Fast Lou meets Joe at Camp Reboot

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Good day my juice world friend’s I sure hope you have all had a blessed week since last time we got together.  I am busy working and preparing for walking my first half marathon. I am pretty excited. So gets get back to my experience with my first juice fast. When I left off I had just gotten to New York.  But I want to go back a couple days.

The first few day’s of my fast was very hard I missed my food and thought I was going to die from starvation. Or I was going to spend the rest of my life in the bathroom, cause I was in there what seemed like twelve hours a day, but it was really not that long. But the tricks a mind will play is crazy and you have to be prepared to fight them off. Anyways I felt like it was not working I felt like I had gained weight not lose weight.  But I had to visit with my doctor so I jumped on the scales and much to my surprise I had lost twenty pounds.

So when I got to N.Y. for camp reboot I weighed 409 and was feeling awesome physically but mentally I was still wondering what I was really doing and was not sure if I could really follow through and do it this time. But in just a short time after landing in Newburgh N.Y. I was meeting fellow camp reboot folks and started making friends left and right very fast. It was amazing, and we were all so excited to be there but also scared cause we were all still not sure what we had gotten ourselves into.

So with that my sister and I had a awesome ride to camp omega and when we got there we rushed to check in find our room. And get ready for our first session. We were super tired and hungry.  We missed seeing the juice tent so I had a small salad. And coming back to our room we saw and met Mr. Joe Cross face to face.

Lou meets Joe at Camp Reboot

It was so awesome he was super friendly. After some pictures and a few laughs we went our ways. Shortly later the session started and Joe shared his story and what lead him to juice, make fat sick and nearly dead and his journeys afterwards.  I was dumb founded at hearing his story and then started to relize in the past three years of me trying to lose weight and better myself I had not been doing it for me, but to keep my friends and family off my back.

And I finally knew that if I was going to change I had to be doing this for me. So I spent half the night crying and praying trying to figure out why it took me so long to finally learn this. I was also so touched and moved by folks who heard I was the one who had won the scholarship and they were moved and touched by my story and were even inspired by my story. I went to bed Sunday night amazed and touched by the new friends I had made that night, but I could not sleep cause my mind raced with all I had learned from Joe and also the realizations I had come to and also thes new role I was finding myself in. It was a long night.

Monday morning came and I finally got a few hours of sleep but I woke up charged and ready to get the first full day of camp going. I went out had my morning hot lemon water and then juice. The day was amazing but also very moving, hearing more of Joe’s story. Then hearing from great staff like Stacy Kennedy her husband Russell Kennedy. Then later that day we got meet the wellness coach staff and hear there story’s and what lead them to become a wellness coach and helping folks get there life on track. I was so totally blessed to later that evening to meet Kristen DeAngelis who has become a great friend and mentor.

I was so blessed. Also that day some of us went for a long walk and some folks went running with Shane. After our dinner juices we relaxed some and did a lot of brain and soul searching. The word on me was getting out and folks were learning I was the guy who won the scholarship to be there and was touched just by reading my story and being there. And hearing over and over how simple me was inspiring other’s to do something about changing their life.

I was blown away, so that night we watched sexy crazy cancer by Kris Carr and it really hit me hard how I had to do this for me and in doing it I was helping folks. I was a emotional mess now knew I would make this happen and I had hundreds of people behind me supporting me. Well that enough for now. Stay tuned for how the rest of camp went. God bless and juice on Lou

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