Juice Fasting on a Budget

Juice Recipes Juice Fastimng on a budget

Published on December 30th, 2013 | by Shane Whaley


It is almost the new year which means your inbox is about to get slammed with email of new year offers. You are probably going to be inundated with gym offers, bootcamp bonuses and detox discounts.

Juice Fastimng on a budget

We have been involved in juicing for 4 years now and have a good idea who is legit and what programs will deliver as we have tried most of them. We will profile some of them here so you can decide which one is best for you.

We wanted to start off with a free guide as we know that for many of us money is really tight after the holidays. Our friend the Natural Juice Junkie is new to the online juicing scene but very experienced with juicing. The man lost 70 pounds, runs marathons (as opposed to eating them – old British joke there) and attended the Jason Vale Juice Academy so he knows what he is talking about.  We asked Neil to pen a few words for us on his budget juice fast regime.

Over to to Neil.

We live in a world where highly processed foods with little nutritional value are cheaper than natural foods like vegetables and fruit. This have resulted in many families opting to eat ‘food’ of a lower nutritional quality simply because they cannot, or believe they cannot, afford to eat well.

In September 2013 NaturalJuiceJunkie.com was launched together with a 7 day juice detox on a very tight budget, in an attempt to prove that healthy doesn’t have to be costly! In the week that the program was launched a number of people from around the world, including the UK, the United States, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, Australia, South Africa and Tanzania spent a week on nature’s finest juices without breaking the bank.

For example, Rachel got all her ingredients in Birmingham, UK for just £22.69 (approx $37 US). That is less than £3.25 per day, or put another way a whole day of plant based nutrition for less than a single fast food meal.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie says “There has been much in the media recently about celebrity juice detoxes, international juicing retreats and pre-made, delivered juices. Whilst I am in no way trying to be critical of any of these things, I also hope to make it clear that juicing can be accessible to all.”

The recipes are based on easy to find and cheap ingredients that are easy to find in the major supermarkets, although there are cheaper sources if you shop around!

The full program, shopping lists, schedule and recipes can be found online at http://naturaljuicejunkie.com/2013/09/budget-juice-reboot/

Juicing Success Story interviews

And don’t forget if you are going to juice fast this year you should absolutely tune in to JuicingRadio’s ‘Habits of 7 Highly Successful Juicers.’ The 7 day daily podcast is designed to give you the mental juice for your mind whilst you consume green juices for your body.

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