Juice Fast Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a selection of Frequently Asked Questions with answers about juice fasting. To use just click on each question and the answer will be displayed below.

Please note that this FAQ is a work in progress, more questions will be added in due course as will links to posts with extended answers.


+ What is A Juice Fast?
Juice fasting is where you consume only fresh fruit & vegetable juices for a short term period. Normally undertaken for health or weight loss benefits, a juice fast normally lasts for approximately 1 to 7 days, with extended juice fasts lasting up to 60 days.
+ How Long Should I Juice Fast For?
Depending on what you want to achieve with your fast, most people choose to juice fast for 3, 5 or 7 days. Anything over this is considered an ‘extended fast’ and should only be done after consulting your doctor. Extended fasts are normally done over 10, 20, 30 & up to 60 days.
+ Should I Consult My Doctor Before Starting A Juice Fast?
If you have any health problems, or are taking any medication then you should consult your doctor before performing any length of juice fast.

If you are of sound health and plan to do an extended fast of 7 days or more then you should also consult your doctor.

It is not advisable to juice fast if you are pregnant or nursing.

+ What Equipment Do I Need For A Juice Fast?
You need a juicer, if it’s your first time juice fasting then any budget juicer will be sufficient, you can always upgrade at a later day if you so wish. You will also need a sharp knife (for cutting fruit and vegetables), sieve, jug and airtight containers for storing your juice.
+ How Much Juice Do I Need To Drink Each Day?
When juice fasting I recommend you drink at least 2.5 litres (85 fl oz) per day. You should never restrict yourself when juice fasting, if you feel more is needed then drink! Though do be sure to limit your intake of fruit juices, you should aim to juice 75%-80% vegetables and 20%-25% fruit.
+ Can I Make All My Juices At Once To Last For The Whole Day?
Yes. Although your juice is at its most nutritious having just been made, many of us don’t have the opportunity or time to make each juice fresh. If you are pre-making your juices then you need to ensure you are storing them in a fridge in airtight containers. You should also add a little lemon to all stored juices as this acts as a natural preservative.
+ Can I Use Shop Bought Pre Made Juice?
Pre made juices available in stores, such as V8, Naked etc are not recommended for juice fasting. Most have added salt and sugars and have also undergone pasteurization, lowering the nutritional value of the juice. You could however use a Juice Bar for pre made juices if you have one available in your area, but do ensure they are using all fresh ingredients and no pre made mixers.
+ How Much Does A Juice Fast Cost?
The cost really depends on a number of factors, such as whether your juicing organic or not and what fruit and vegetable supplies and prices are available in your area. As a rough estimate a none organic fast will cost between $10 – $20 (£7 – £14) per day, with an organic fast costing approx double this amount.
+ Can I Juice Just Fruits When Juice Fasting?
If you are on an extended fast (7+ days) then it is recommended that you make your daily juices at a ratio of 75%-80% vegetables and 20%-25% fruits. Fruit contains a lot of natural sugars (Fructose) too much of which can cause health problems. Fruit juices are much easier to drink, but you really need your veggies for a balanced fast and to keep up your strength and energy.
+ Can I Drink Smoothies On My Juice Fast?
This really is a personal choice. Technically, you are not juice fasting if you are also consuming smoothies, as you are also consuming the fibre, which is extracted when using a juicer. However many people choose to do a ‘Modified Juice Fast’ incorporating smoothies and also sometimes a salad or soup along with juicing.
+ How Much Weight Will I Lose On A Juice Fast?
This really depends on a number of factors, such as how much weight you have to lose, your diet leading up to the fast, how active you will be during your fast and how long you are fasting for. Generally you will lose more weight at the start of your fast, but as a rough estimate you can expect to lose approx. ½ lb per day.
+ Can I Exercise While Juice Fasting?
Yes, however it is advisable to do light to moderate exercise while fasting, such as brisk walking, swimming & light weight lifting. You really don’t want to be doing anything too strenuous which will leave you without energy and/or dehydrated.
+ Can I Juice Fast While Working?
Yes, though it is recommended that you begin your fast during your days off, so that you are in the comfort of your own home when going through the initial detox effects. You will want to plan the preparation of juices if you don’t have access to a juicer a work. If you have a very physical job, or one that requires high levels of concentration for safety, then I would recommend juice fasting during vacation time.
+ How Do I Break A Juice Fast?
It is best to break your fast very gently (combining food and juice) over the course of 1 – 3 days (4-6 if on a 30-60 day fast). Eating soft fruit such as melon is good for a first meal. Often a bowel movement will quickly follow when eating for the first time after a fast, so be prepared! Smoothies, fruits and other light foods can be introduced in moderation and built up until you are solely eating solids.
+ What Do I Eat After Completing My Fast?
A lot of people chose to try a 100% raw food diet following their fast, consuming only raw fruits, vegetables, seeds & nuts. Although it is a fantastic diet, the raw food diet isn’t for everyone, including myself, as it can be not only a hard diet to follow, but also very hard to digest. I personally choose to eat as healthy as possible, consuming plenty of fruits, lightly steamed vegetables, fish and chicken, homemade soups, green smoothies & salads. I limit my intake of red meat, dairy, bread and I never touch processed foods or ready meals.

So the choice is entirely up to you, though do give some thought as to why you started your fast in the first place. Don’t be tempted to slip back into the old routine otherwise all your efforts will have been for nothing.


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