Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on US TV for the first time tonight

Joe Cross Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on US tv for the first time

Published on December 29th, 2013 | by Shane Whaley

Very quick but important message from JuiceFast.com.

Tonight is a big night for Joe Cross, Team Reboot and our juicing

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on US tv for the first time

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is being shown on US television for the
first time.


You can even see our Angie in the ad for the show


How cool is that!

You can watch it at 9pm EST on HLN. I believe it repeats at 10pm.

It is a specially edited 1 hour version and when this aired in the
UK for the first time, there was such a mad rush for juicers that
stores actually sold out!

I will tell you something else about that night.  My parents  (in
there late 60's) watched it and they completed a 3 day juice fast!

They did not listen to their wonderful son, they were moved by some
Aussie and a trucker called Phil! This from a woman who used to
serve me a plate of pizza and mashed potato on the same plate! My mum
reads our mails and she is going to kill me!

The point I am trying to make is if my Mum and Dad were inspired
to try juicing after watching FSND then maybe you have a loved one or
friend who will also try the juice?

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2 Responses to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on US TV for the first time tonight

  1. Chris "T-Bone" Ellis says:

    I watched the show fat sick and nearly dead last night. It has motivated to me to start a juice fast. Joe Cross has inspired me to try and change my life before it is too late. I myself am a truck driver, but I am local and the food is still the same here Tennessee. Looking forward to completing this challenge and gaining control of my health. Twenty-eight is too young to have health problems related to weight. Lou can do it at 41 then I can do it at 28. Here goes.

    • mctavey says:

      Congratulations Chris! I had a similar response to seeing Fat Sick And Nearly Dead over 2 years ago. It motivated me to get juicing and had big results. Most obviously, I lost weight, but more importantly, it gave me a boost in energy and a more positive outlook mentally. I noticed that after juicing for 2 weeks the frequency of my migraines lessened, the pain from my shoulder injury decreased, and even my autoimmune disease symptoms seemed to fade away.
      Getting past the temptations and cravings are challenging most for me at the beginning (first 2-3 days) of this fast, but when I remember what I’m doing it for it gives me the ability to stay on course. After I started to see serious results within the first few days, that gave me a huge incentive to stick with it.
      I’m wishing you lots of success. You can do it!

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