Failing on Day 1 of a Juice Fast

juicing failure is the key to success

Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Shane Whaley


Today I received a mail from a reader called Sarah (name changed to protect identity.)

Sarah wrote:

‘I just started juicing.  Today was my first day and I failed.  I was so hungry at 5:00 I thought I would die.  So I eat acorn squash and a little piece of chicken.  I so want to be successful.  I need to lose my weight.  Help.’

Remember this Michael Jordan quote if you break your juice fast

I replied:

‘Sarah you did not fail. You tried something that most people would not even attempt,  so good for you!

What you need to ask yourself is how can you get through day 1. I would ask what your diet was like in the days leading up to your fast? The trick is to get it meat, sugar, dairy and caffeine free before you start a juice fast and then the early days becomes so much easier.

Maybe you did that and in that case it could be the devilish part of your mind telling you that you were hungry when you were not really. Happens to me a lot too especially around the time when I would normally eat a meal.  In that case drink lots of water and read success stories or fire up and listen to some of the amazing stories of people who lost weight.

The Habits of 7 Highly Effective juicers

In particular check out ‘The Habits of 7 Highly Effective Juicers‘ which is 7 short interviews with  I can tell you now that those folk who I interview are all normal everyday people like us Sarah and are not super heroes.

If you must eat, try and eat celery and cucumber as they are mainly water based. Alternatively what you could do is juice all day and make a nice bowl of vegan soup for dinner – try that for a week and see how you get on with a juice fast.


I wince when I read people saying they have failed. I get it as I also failed several times before completing my first fast but the key is always to learn why you were not successful so you can make a better go of it next time..

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