Detox Detox Everywhere Which One Shall I Drink?

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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Shane Whaley


I don’t know about you but my inbox is being bombarded with offers and promos for cleanses and detoxes!

I guess it is that time of year right?

Angie and I are asked all the time which juice cleanse is best and that is a hard question to answer as we are all looking to achieve different goals.

There are so many juicing ‘goo-roos’ out there and health celebrities pushing their wares it is hard to know who is the real deal.

As a producer of a juicing podcast, I get to speak to a lot of the people who are behind cleanses. So I would say we are in a good place to judge who is genuine and authentic.

We can also tell you about those ‘goo-roos’ who won’t speak to us or use a false name which makes us very suspicious.

We only want to recommend those people who truly want you to succeed.  We recommended Joe Cross’ free 3 day reboot because Joe is the real deal and it was um….free.

But what now?

You have either completed the 3 days and want to carry on or maybe due to work or family commitments you were not able to jump on.

I would ask you to check out Vanessa's (AllAboutJuicing) Juice Cleanse Reset  

Vanessa knows her stuff and having interviewed her for over an hour I can tell you she is very genuine and wants you to succeed with her juice cleanse reset. 

 If you decide to work with Vanessa email us your receipt at shane (at) with the subject 'I am juice cleansing' and we will give you a complimentary copy of our Fast and Proven Juice Recipe book ($7.99 value). 

Combined with Vanessa's 30 nourishing recipes that come with her cleanse then you will be spoilt for choice.

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