60 day juice fast results and whats next for JuiceFast.com

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Published on August 6th, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


60 Day Juice Fast Results

For those of you who have been following my 60 day juice fasting journey from the beginning, you will have noticed a lack of updates since day 30, for which I apologize.  Unfortunately I was only able to make it to day 40 stopping 20 days short of my 60 day goal; here I explain what happened.

From my weigh in on day 30 until day 40 I hadn’t lost any additional weight, which was quite discouraging but not the sole reason for stopping. I stopped at day 40 as I genuinely didn’t feel very well. Muscle loss was starting to become apparent as I was struggling with physical aches and pains trying to do my everyday work. In general I felt much weaker and didn’t feel good like I had previously done. Although determined to succeed in my 60 day goal I felt that I had no option but to stop before I made myself become very unwell.

In total I lost 24lbs in 40 days, which is 0.60lbs weight loss per day. Had I stopped at day 30 this it would have been 0.80 per day. My original target weight loss had been 30lbs, so I came in at 6lbs short. However I am more than happy getting out of the obese zone to the overweight zone– Even though I am disappointed that I couldn’t complete the 60 days – I do consider 24lbs loss in 40 days a great achievement.


Having since analysed the whole fast, what I drank and when, I can’t pinpoint anything which may have caused the stop in weight loss or the excessive muscle loss. I had drunk as much a green juice as possible for protein and my juice and water intake was always consistent. I had been a little inactive taking time off from work in the initial stages of the fast – whether this could have attributed to the issue or not – I am not sure.

I can only really conclude that it’s possible that I embarked on too long of a fast for my total weight and what I needed to lose.  It’s fairly obvious that my body had gone into starvation mode and was burning muscle as opposed to fat  - This is something that does happen to everyone while fasting – but just to a varying degree. In hindsight I would have added protein rich spirulina into my juices, which could have possibly helped.

The Future:

I am currently maintaining a stable weigh of 176 lbs, which is the same weight I was at day 40 when I ended my fast. I do plan to start another juice fast in the near future, however I am going to aim for a much shorter goal of around 21–30 days.  Ideally I would like to lose a further 24lbs taking me to a healthy weight and BMI for my height.

Exciting News

However it does not stop there.  Shane and Angie are two ‘juice fasters‘ behind the website Running On Juice.  They have both lost 80 pounds by juicing and guess what, they have kept if off! They have over 4 years of juicing experience and have agreed to keep juicefast.com alive. They will be bringing you lots of news and views as well as tips and tricks that they have learned about juice fasting.  What I admire most about Angie and Shane is that they are 2 down to earth people who are very enthusiastic about helping others to achieve weight loss by juicing. So keep on visiting and commenting and reach out to them with any questions and queries. Best of luck to all of you juice faster and thanks for all your comments during my fast, you guys really helped me to juice fast for 40 days.

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4 Responses to 60 day juice fast results and whats next for JuiceFast.com

  1. Marie says:

    I’ve bee keeping track of this site and was waitin until you completed yours to start my own fast. I think I’ll give it a shot. You’ve been a great help!

  2. Lou says:

    I to have been keeping track and getting ready to do my juice fast. good job Celia, today is 9/06/13 I plan to start 9/23/13 can’t wait I’ll check in.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I’ve started my own juice fast and I’m at day 8 with 9lbs down although I’m only doing a 30 day fast I’m excited when I first started I weighed in at 217.6 I now weigh 208.8 I don’t necessarily have a goal because my ultimate goal is to hit 165 again but I think I will do a consecutive amount of juice fasting starting with a 30 day then 15 day 10 day n 7 day .

  4. nana says:

    I started my juice fast trip 11 days ago. I was thinking to complete 60 days .lf my weight stopped to decrease I’ll stop for a while and then start again. I was 73.5 kg and now I’m 69.3 kg.l’m waiting the days to pass quickly.l’ll share results soon :)

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