60 Day Juice Fast – Day 7

60 Day Fast 60 Day Juice Fast Day 7

Published on March 24th, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


Day 7

First week down! I felt much better today than the previous day having caught up a little on sleep. Strangely, I started to feel intense hunger around midday even though it was only about an hour after a green juice, so I added an extra juice in between taking my total to 3 litres ( 100 fl oz).

Hunger isn’t normally something I feel beyond the first 3 days of juice fasting, especially so when taking juices on time and at regular intervals. It will be interesting to see if it occurs again or not.

Juice (in order of consumption)

  • 1 litre Mean Green (With added Courgette (Zucchini))
  • 0.5 litre Orange
  • I litre Carrot, Parsnip & Celery
  • 0.5 litre Orange


The white furry tongue seems to be now clearing a little, I will continue cleaning it 3 -4 times per day. Concentration has again improved, allowing me to spend the best part of the day working on the website.


I managed to sleep right through from 10pm until 6am without waking (8 hours total).

Energy Level


There really isn’t enough information to report on each day, so from now on I will report every 10 days on my weight & measurements and may possibly post in between this just to update . If anyone wishes to know about about specific days of the fast then do please feel free to post below and ask as I will be documenting everything.

See you on Day 10 Weigh In!

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