60 Day Juice Fast – Day 5

60 Day Fast 60 Day Juice Fast Day 5

Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


Day 5

Even with getting up fairly early today (6pm), I was quite alert and felt fully energized for most of the day. I went produce shopping, stocking up on more oranges before the store special offer ended. I purchased 120 oranges in total, which should make me approx 25 or more 500ml ( 17fl oz) juices. Other produce: Apples ( 12), & Spinach ( 500g).

120 oranges for jucing

60 Day Juice Fast Cost

 Running Total: $93 (£61.50)


  • 1 litre Cucumber, Apple, Asparagus, Mint
  • 0.5 litre Orange
  • 1 litre Mean Green

Listed in the order drank, juices were consumed over 5x 500ml (17 fl oz) portions ( 1 juice every 3 hours)


I had a very white furry tongue for most of the day (detox effect) despite brushing my tongue it kept appearing again. Apart from that, I have nothing else to report for today.


Well a great day with little effects turned into a bad night for sleeping. I fell asleep around 10pm woke at 1am and didn’t get back until around 4am before finally getting up at 6am. I felt very hungry during the night, but due to the noise factor, juicing really was not an option at that time. Instead I drank plenty of water.

I am guessing the problem is due to not physically expelling enough energy; I may consider exercising earlier than planned if it continues. Total sleep approx. 5 hours.

Energy Level


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