60 Day Juice Fast – Day 30 Weigh In

60 Day Fast day 30 juice fast weight and measurement results

Published on April 16th, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


Day 30 Weigh In Results

Today marks the half-way point of this 60 day juice fast! Each day from herein will be a new experience for me having never fasted beyond 30 days before.

Here are my day 30 weight and measurement results.

Weight & Measurements


60 day juice fast - day 30 weight and measurement results

Since my day 20 weigh-in 10 days ago I have lost a total of 4lbs, taking my current weight to 176lbs. My total weight loss for the full 30 days is 24lbs, which is an average of 0.8lbs weight loss for each day of juice fasting.

As a result of the loss my BMI is now down to 26.8, making my total BMI shift for the full 30 days 3.48. My pre fast BMI was 30.28 (obese band).


I have dropped a further 1” from my waist, making a total loss of 4”. My hips and chest have also dropped 1” each, my bicep 0.5”. My thigh measurement has remained unchanged at 23.5”.

To Conclude

Overall I am very pleased with my day 30 result. I had thought that I may not have lost as much due to possibly rebuilding some unused muscle, which weighs more than fat. It is also very close to TOTM, which out-with a fast can normally cause a temporary weight gain of anywhere from 4-6 lbs.

I am now just 6lbs away from my target weight of 170lbs and am still very confident that I will lose more than this in total.

Out of interest, my 30 day juice fast which was completed in 2012 saw a total weight loss of round 25-26lbs so I am only 1-2lb under this. At that time I was 66lbs heavier and my diet preceding that fast was very poor.

My next post will be my day 35 general update, my next weigh in will be in 10 days time at day 40!

If you haven’t already done so do please read my 60 Day Juice Fast Introduction for my starting stats and reason for juice fasting.



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Celia Leigh

16 Responses to 60 Day Juice Fast – Day 30 Weigh In

  1. This is awesome!! You are rocking it out Celia! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. nisey says:

    Awesome inspration thanks!!!

  3. I’ve just come across this site and it’s great! I look forward to hearing how you’ve gotten on since this post. Best wishes!

  4. TR says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you ever made it past 30 days? The last post looks to be at day 30. My husband and I are starting this fast, inspired by Joe Cross, and we are really interested to see how far we can go. We have both gained 40 lbs since leaving our previous jobs and really need to become healthier. We are using this fast as a catalyst to continue eating healthy for life. =) Good on you for choosing to lose weight in a healthy way!

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi TR and jamesandrewknight :) Thank you for posting.

      Okay to update, I finished my fast at Day 40, I had lost no weight in the 10 days since my last weigh-in at Day 30 and muscle loss was starting to become a problem for me ( aches and pains).

      From there I started a 1200 calorie per day mainly plant based Paleo diet. My weight started to shoot up (due to coming out of starvation mode and rebuilding muscle) – once my weight started to stabilize at around 184 lbs – 186 lbs I then started an alternate day fasting plan.

      I am now fasting Monday, Wednesday & Friday and eat at least 1500 – 1800 calories on the other 4 days per week. My weight is now back to where it was on Day 30 (176lbs) – I have another week to go then I have to stop due to my NYC holiday. I am hoping that this method will keep me out of starvation mode and my body wont eat at my muscle!

      I do plan to pick this way of fasting back up when I return from holiday and to also update the site with new posts about my journey.

      I apologize to all readers for taking so long to write to let people know what was happening. In a sense I felt like a total failure and buried my head a little. However I do know that It is just as important to write about the failures and I do so hope that others can learn something from my journey.

      See you soon!

  5. Georgina says:

    Hi Celia. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am originally from Cheshire, England though, and when I arrived here 35 years ago I was 115 lbs. Now at 62, I weigh a whopping 200 lbs. and am getting sick of carrying (almost) two people around all the time. I want to start your juice fast, and today I found a Acme stainless steel juicer at my local thrift store for $12 which was such a find. Anyway, I will start tomorrow, and let you know how it goes. The only thing that worries me is that I suffer from acid reflux, and hope that all the juice doesn’t make it worse. Wish me luck!

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Georgina, hows it going? Well I hope – great price on the juicer! My mum also has acid reflux but drinking mean green doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Do please let me know how you got on. Best of luck!

  6. Carlos Tab says:

    Why did you abandon the blog?! Are you giving up on it?

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Carlos, No I haven’t abandoned the blog :) Unfortunately life got in the way of me posting, but I plan to start posting more as soon as everything settles down and I have the time :)

  7. Alan Clitherow says:

    Well done on your fast,I’m dying to start mine but kind find any other info on here but recipes and how to watch fruit etc
    What I really want to know is how many juice drinks do you drink per day and when? IE do I just have1 for breakfast ,1 for lunch, and 1 for dinner?
    Please help

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Alan, thanks for reading & commenting. If you care to take a look at the FAQ section I have tried to answer as many questions as possible on the basic of fasting: Frequently Asked Questions I always aim for at least 2.5 litres per day (85 fl oz) and drink 500ml every 3 hours.

      I do hope that helps – and best of luck!

  8. Daniel Batty says:

    This is to answer Alan Clitherow: I have completed numerous fasts losing 40 pounds in 30 days with absolutely no muscle loss. I have a great tiered approach to fasting here is how it goes:

    Week 1: (48 ounces of juice total per day) 16 ounces per meal x 3
    Recipes: I use more sweeter fruits to ease into the fast (e.q. apples, berries, watermelon)

    Week 2: (48 ounces of juice total per day) 16 ounces per meal x 3
    Recipes: Mostly greens and only one apple per serving (e.q. kale, cucumber, etc..)

    Week 3: (16 ounces of juice total per day) 16 ounces once a day ***Mostly Water Fasting***
    Recipes: Mostly Greens

    Week 4: (Juice only when needed) ***Mostly Water Fasting***

    With this tiered approach you get great results.

    Aloha, Daniel from Hawaii :)

  9. mitravelgal says:

    Daniel Batty, do you have your journey logged somewhere…so we can read about your success?

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