60 Day Juice Fast – Day 25

60 Day Fast 60 day juice fast day 25

Published on April 11th, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


Day 25

Here we are at day 25 of this 60 day juice fast, just a stone’s throw from the half way point. It has been 10 days since my last fasting update at day 15, so here we go.

In general there haven’t really been any major problems in the past 10 days, apart from the last 2 days which I have found a little hard going due to my work load.

I suffered a little muscle ache and tiredness, which might suggest some muscle loss may have occurred on the first 14 days of my juice fast, while I was inactive.  If this is so I may not see a great weight loss result on weigh-in day 30 if the muscle is rebuilding, which is of course heavier than fat.

I was due to start back at work part time for the rest of the juice fast and also incorporate an exercise routine of walking and static cycling. However I have been back to working full time – 7 days per week and have only managed to incorporate the cycling. My job is kind of ‘all or nothing’ making it hard to be part time, but it is fairly physical for 2-3 hours of my total working day which will hopefully make up for the lack of walking.

I have some figures for the cost of my juice fast so far:

Total Spent: $270 (£176) – This works out at just $11 per day (£7.04), this is down slightly from my last report.


The past 10 days has seen me drinking 2 litres of green juice and 0.5 litres of orange juice daily – 2.5 litres or 85 fl oz in total. On my last report at day 15, I mentioned that I couldn’t face the thought of drinking carrot juice which went on to include other root juices ( eg Beetroot and Parsnip), this has remained the same.

I am now craving my green juices less sweet than normal. I’ve almost completely omitted apples and some days just use a lemon to add some sweetness.

My water intake has been good as has the lemon with warm water.


My skin is still very clear and very bright looking.

My teeth have noticeably become a shade or two whiter. This is not just due to not eating, but also because I always use a straw when drinking juices to keep everything away from my teeth.

My eyesight is starting to improve. I normally wear glasses to read but am noticing I am able to read things that I wouldn’t normally be able to without my glasses. This was something I noticed much earlier on my last 30 day fast, maybe this time the lack of carrots is to blame!

My mind is still very alert, despite a recent dip in energy levels.

I am also now starting to see a real physical change in my body, My double chin is almost gone and I am starting to get my shape back – around my waist especially.


My sleep has been good and undisturbed in general, though since starting back at work I am finding that I sometimes sleep a little longer. I am averaging around 9 hours sleep per night, whereas days 7-15 of the fast saw 7-8 hours.


Up to the last few days I had been recording my energy levels at 9/10 10/10 and on two occasions 12/10. The last few days have seen that drop to 7/10. I really wouldn’t want to see it go much lower than this or the fast will start to become a real struggle. I am confident that this will change again soon.

So that’s all for my day 25 of 60 juice fast report. As ever if you have any questions do please feel free to ask on the comments section below. My next post will be my day 30 weigh-in results, see you then!


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5 Responses to 60 Day Juice Fast – Day 25

  1. mitravelgal says:

    This is awesome Celia! I wondered if my teeth would become whiter doing this…and am glad to see that they will. One question, you vary the type of juices you do throughout the day. Do you know if there is any greater benefit (for weight loss) sticking with the Mean Green for all the juices vs. varying them. I planned on doing only the Mean Green for as long as I can through my fast…but if varying them would produce better weight loss results I’m open to changing it up.

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Mitravelgal,

      You know this is a great question, But unfortunately I don’t have a straight answer on that one.

      When I did my first ever fast for 30 days I would drink 2 green, 2 root ( carrot/beetroot etc) and 1 fruit and my total weight loss was approx 25lbs – 26lbs. I did however struggle somewhat on the last 7-10 days or so – I was hoping to extend the fast for longer that time but I just couldn’t.

      This time, despite having a bad couple of days (putting it down to heavy work load) the fast has been much easier and I definitely have more energy and no moments of weakness what so ever. For the the last 14 days or so I have been on 4 green and 1 fruit. Weight loss wise I am due my 30 day weight-in in 3 days but I doubt that I will have lost quite as much as the first fast – but then again I am 66lbs lighter this time so it’s hard to compare.

      Overall if greens are going to sustain you better and lend to a longer fast then you really can’t go wrong.

  2. frida says:

    Hi.. I am starting my reboot today… I read your blog as my motivation since my current weight is quite close as your start weight. Thanks for writing this.. keep writing please :) )

    • Celia Leigh says:

      Hi Frida, Thank you for visiting. Best of luck on your juice fast journey, do let me know how you get on.

      And don’t worry I will keep writing!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond Celia!

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