60 Day Juice Fast – Day 10 Weigh In

60 Day Fast 60 day juice fast day 10

Published on March 27th, 2013 | by Juicefast.com


Day 10 Weigh In Results

Well I have made it to my first weight & measurements milestone. I have completed 10 days, 1/6th or 16.66% of my 60 day juice fast, and I feel great for it!

I will get straight into my results:

Weight & Measurements


weight and measurments day 10 60 day juice fast

As you can hopefully see from the information graphic, I have lost a total of 14lbs in the past 10 days, which is not only staggering, but much more than I have lost on previous fasts. I am very aware that the loss will include water weight etc, and the loss will slow down from herein, however I am still very impressed with the initial numbers.

Something that is even more impressive for me is that I now have a BMI of 28.5 which removes me from the ‘obese’ band to the ‘overweight’ band, which is somewhere I haven’t been for quite some years!

My partner chuckled away at me this morning after I shrieked  (in delight) ‘I’m no longer obese! I’m just fat!’


I also decided to take my measurements today to see if there was a notable change. Surprisingly I have lost almost 1” all round, with the exception of 2” from the chest and 1/2″ from the bicep.

To Conclude

Well I really am delighted with such a great start to this 60 day juice fast. My target weight loss for the total fast is 30lb and I am just a stones throw from being half was there in the first 10 days. Whilst I know from now in the weight loss will slow down dramatically, I am positive that I will most definitely reach my goal, especially when I start to undertake my exercise routine next week.

My next weigh in will be in 10 days time at day 20 of this juice fast. I will probably post in between to talk about the fast in general and any effects I have, good or bad.

Stay Tuned!

If you haven’t already done so please read my 60 Day Juice Fast introduction post for more information on why I started this fast.


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  1. Greg Boone says:

    Okay, having done a juice fast last year there’s one thing I noticed that really surprised me. Not only did I lose fat fast, but my metabolism went into overdrive. I had only wanted to lose 10lbs but instead once the metab kicked in I shredded off another 20lbs to the point I had to stop and start eating again just to stay in my weight range. Each person is different but juice fasting really does work.

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